Here you will find several ways to get in touch with me.

Meeting me

Since I’m living in Hanoi, personal meetings will most likely be limited
to Hanoi and the surrounding towns and villages. Meetings within this
area can be arranged quite spontaneously should the situation require
it. In order to arrange a meeting with me, please refer to my email
address or phone number.

Email address

You can contact me via my personal email address:

[email protected]

Social Media

There are several social media that you can use to contact me:

Zalo Zalo
Telegram minh049
Facebook /etiennemahler
Twitter /etiennemahler

Phone number

Please understand, that I will only give my phone number to people I
will meet or have met already. Especially if you’re not living in
Vietnam, the phone number might be useless to you anyway.

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