Insights into coronavirus outbreak

2019-nCov Feb 3, 2020

What we know so far

In the unlikely case that you haven’t heard about the new coronavirus or haven’t had the time to learn more about it, here’s a quick summary by South China Morning Post about what we know so far:

What we could have done better during the Coronavirus outbreak

Simon Yu is “just an average Chinese guy”, as he describes himself but his insights are quite interesting and valuable. Along with being one of the few Chinese actively posting videos on YouTube, he also appears to be relatively critical and open-minded.

In his video, Simon gives some insight and discusses issues surrounding the coronovirus outbreak in Wuhan. Many of these, such as the eight doctors who were fined for “spreading rumors” while actually predicting the outbreak as well as other issues, might be well-known. Some, such as the case of the Red Cross not delivering donations to Wuhan’s hospitals - mostly out of logistical problems - were at least knew to me.

So, have a look at his video:

Discussion between two foreigners living in China for a long time

Winston Sterzel, also known as SerpentZA, is a South African vlogger who is living in China for a long time. In the following video, Winston discusses the development and handling of the coronavirus outbreak in China with his friend Matthew Tye, who is otherwise know as C-Milk or laowhy86 on YouTube.

Both of them have been living and travelling in China for many years and try to give a critical view on the current pandemic. What is interesting about this discussion, is that you can get some info you wouldn’t find on any official newspaper or government website. For example, the number of infections according to official sources is not always the same with the number that Winston gets from his contacts, many of whom are doctors that he trained in the past.

If you’re interested in some insight directly from China, unfiltered through media or authorities, I can recommend watching this video. Of course, I don’t guarantee anything to be true or valid, but it broadens the overall picture of the current events:



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