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In Vietnam Investment Review

You can find a list of articles published under my name or my pen name, Quang Minh, following the links or choose one of the following articles below. Occasionally, some of my articles are also translated in Vietnamese and then printed and posted in the Vietnamese Báo Đầu tư.

Ambassadors of peace
With only around half a year left, Vietnam’s participation as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) soon comes to end. Thus, it is time to take a look at the Vietnamese people who have contributed to the UN’s endeavour of securing peace in the war-torn Republic of Sout…
Clearing up the future of the planet
There could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, warned the Ellen MacArthur Foundation five years ago. Today, this warning still holds value if business continues as usual. The G20, inter-regional projects like Rethinking Plastics, and groups of scientists have taken the initiative and ar…
Rác thải đại dương: Hiện trạng, hướng tiếp cận, giải pháp của thế giới và Việt Nam
5 năm trước, Ellen MacArthur Foundation từng đưa ra cảnh báo: “Nhựa có thể sẽ nhiều hơn cá trên đại dương vào năm 2050”. Cho đến nay, cảnh báo này vẫn còn nguyên giá trị trong bối cảnh.
Digital achievements, made in Vietnam
As the world begins its journey into the third decade of the century, Vietnam is prepared to not only continue its emergence as an upper middle-income nation in the next few years but also its endeavour of leading the region in the application of science and technology.
At the right place, at the right time
While many parts of the world are still busy coping with the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus, locals and the remaining foreigners in Vietnam – including me – can enjoy a sense of security that has become invaluable, even enabling us to travel the country again for very affordable pr…
Fake cat cure news leaves locals baffled
The ongoing pandemic is without a doubt one of the scariest incidents that the world has seen in a long time. However, as if the disease would not be enough already, the world is also facing another peculiar threat – an infodemic, spreading much faster than the virus and causing no less harm to the …
Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for global tourism and Vietnam is no exception. However, now that the country’s national lockdown is slowly being eased, hopes are high that the tourism sector may recover and even come back stronger than ever before.
Standing out as a shining example
The story of how Vietnam is facing the pandemic that is ravaging most countries has been praised by global organisations, proving to the world how a nation with limited resources can cope with one of the most threatening outbreaks in the last hundred years.
Make Vietnam your second home
Are you dreaming of a life away from everything you grew up in? Would you like to immerse yourself into a completely foreign culture and learn new perspectives on life and yourself?
Vietnam leaving nobody behind
It is 9am on Wednesday morning, and I am putting on my face mask to go out and get a haircut as well as run some other errands.

This article also appeared in the print version of Vietnam Investment Review:

Cuộc chiến Covid-19: Việt Nam không để ai bị bỏ lại phía sau
Để nói về cuộc khủng hoảng do dịch bệnh cũng như cách Chính phủ và người dân Việt Nam đối phó với Covid-19, tôi không thể nghĩ ra nơi nào tốt hơn để ở lại vào thời điểm này.

This article also appeared in the print version of Báo Đầu tư:

Deforestation past continuing to haunt erosion-hit areas
More work is required to deal with poor soil conditions and erosion in the central coastal province of Thua Thien-Hue after an environmental scientist made a fact-finding mission last month.
Region’s states well-placed to offer steel alternatives
As tensions between Australia and China continue to simmer, and recent delayed customs clearances of coal imports from Australia are hurting China’s steel producers, profiting for other steel exporters from the situation.
Con Dao Island A serene home for precious turtles
Con Dao National Park on the archipelago off the coast of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province has been officially listed in the IOSEA Network of Sites of Importance, giving a further boost to the protection of marine turtles.
Spotting alternative investing trends
Amid times of crisis, people long for secure and sustainable ways to invest their money in, and the ongoing health crisis with its entailing economic one is just one of the countless examples accelerating this demand.
Timber trade pressed to resolve exporting concerns
Five Vietnamese wood associations have met in Hanoi to examine the risks in the timber trade in the midst of a US investigation into the sources of Vietnam’s exported wood products.
The factors influencing the future of investment in gold
While gold has long been considered a safe-haven investment in uncertain and highly volatile markets...
Virus-Free New year in Vietnam
Living in Vietnam for over half a decade, Etienne Mahler has experienced the pandemic in Vietnam first-hand and seen how the nation’s unity and smartness led to an astounding victory over the disease thus far.

In other publications

Following the media coverage of several local publications after the defence of my bachelor thesis, I was invited by to write a small piece related to my previous research about the independence of Vietnamese and German teenagers and young adults, as well as my own experiences.

If you've ever wondered how it may feel like to be a German among Vietnamese young adults and how frustrating it can be sometimes to get them out for a drink or a sleepover, take a look at this article:

‘Gì vậy? 25 tuổi phải về nhà lúc 10 tối ư?’ - Nỗi ngạc nhiên của anh chàng người Đức và câu hỏi về tính tự lập của thanh niên Đức – Việt
Tôi đã gặp nhiều người bạn Việt Nam mà tôi muốn mời tới nhà, ở lại qua đêm hoặc đi chơi tối muộn, nhưng không thể, bởi bố mẹ các bạn ấy muốn con cái có mặt ở nhà vào một giờ cố định. Ở Đức, điều này chỉ xảy ra với trẻ em 13 hoặc 14 tuổi…

In academia

Die Rolle der Ahnenverehrung im Vietnam des 21. Jahrhunderts
Vietnam ist nicht atheistisch geprägt, sondern hat vielfältige religiöse Wurzeln. Auch der Ahnenkult, der im Zentrum dieser Arbeit steht, hat eine lange Tradition. Seine besondere Bedeutung in Vietnam sowie der hohe Stellenwert für die vietnamesische Gesellschaft sollen hier analysiert werden.
So sánh tính tự lập của thế hệ trẻ trong xã hội Đức và Việt Nam
Báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học này đạt giải nhì ở ĐHQG Hà Nội và cố gắng so sánh tính tự lập của thế hệ trẻ trong xã hội Việt Nam và người Đức, tức là những người ở độ tuổi từ 13 đến 35.
Challenges in understanding and using Viết tắt
Viết tắt (abbreviations) are commonly used in social media as well as SMS. While the term viết tắt also refers to common abbreviations for official terms, this presentation focused on Viết tắt used by teenagers and younger people in Vietnam.
Thách thức của viết tắt trong tiếng Việt
Mình đã thuyết trình về viết tắt trong giao tiếp qua thiết bị điện tử và tập trung vào ngôn ngữ của nhóm trẻ em và teen. Phần thứ 3 phân tích cac cách tạo viết tắt.

For Vietnam-Deutsche Brücke e.V.

Botschafter Nguyen Huu Trang gratuliert zur neuen Website des VDB e.V. – Vietnamesische und Deutsche Brücke e.V. – Hiệp Hội Nhịp Cầu Việt-Đức
Triển lãm ‘‘Căn Phòng Sách Bay‘’ – Ausstellung „Fliegendes Bücherzimmer“ – Vietnamesische und Deutsche Brücke e.V. – Hiệp Hội Nhịp Cầu Việt-Đức
Eine deutsch-vietnamesische Liebesbeziehung – Vietnamesische und Deutsche Brücke e.V. – Hiệp Hội Nhịp Cầu Việt-Đức

For VietmoK – Vietnam, mit offenen Karten

VietmoK was my previous blog where I've published articles between 2015 and 2017. After many changes in my life, I decided to remove the blog from the web – a decision that I should have thought trough better as many of the old articles got lost. However, thanks to the Wayback Machine and Zotero, I could bring back and preserve some articles. All articles on VietmoK were published in German language but you can automatically translate them with Google's Chrome or Microsoft's Edge browser, as well as several browser extensions. Apologies for the broken preview pictures; the Wayback Machine is great but couldn't bring back these pictures.

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