Returning to our old chaos

Monday lunch, my now husband Thanh and I are on the way from Buxtehude to Frankfurt Airport. Four weeks of an exciting journey through northern Germany and Denmark come to an end with this. 

We’re both sad that we have to leave and go back to Vietnam.

Back to Vietnam
Thanh and I somewhere near Bochum on the way back to Frankfurt am Main

Though we kinda like to live in Vietnam, we don’t like Hanoi very much. After staying in the clean-air paradise that is Germany, even less. 

We’re now travelling back to lots of honking, air pollution, loud people, dirt, and Bún Chả – yes, the food, along with Thanh’s family, is probably the only thing that at least my husband is looking forward to. 

Is there anything I’m looking forward to? 

Our bed, maybe (I didn’t like the mattress that our friend had for us, it was too soft). But apart from that, not really anything.

I’m going to work more again, do my MA thesis, and prepare everything for Thanh and my next chapter, though it remains to be seen what that’s going to be…

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